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This page is made up of pages originally found on my website, "Lee Ann's Girl Guide Notebook".  Since that site is now DOWN {until further notice} I created new tabs on my Owl & Toadstool blog so that you can check out what was on that site. I will continue to add new content on a gradual basis.  This may take forever LOL or sooner than I think.  We shall see!!  But anyway... ENJOY!

 *If you require information on any of the listed items please email me.
Not all of my collection is shown.


 Guiding and Scouting books.

Arranged in no particular order. More crests to be added.


  1. Hello! I am a set and costume designer for a professional theatre company in in Kingston, Ontario. The show I am currently working on is Armstrong's War which is about a young Veteran of war in Afghanistan and the 12-year-old Pathfinder who has come to read to him in hospital. I am trying to re-create a Pathfinder sash for the young girl. Do you have pictures of the way the sash is set up? I am in contact with a Pathfinders unit here in Kingston and was hoping to borrow a sash for a photo-shoot and so I can "make" one, but this is time-sensitive and I really just need to go ahead and make one of my own. Any info you can provide me with would be appreciated! Andrea Robertson Walker.

    1. Hi Andrea..that sounds like an interesting play! No, I do not have a picture of the sash sorry! You should be able to do an image google search. The sash used to be attached to their belt but i'm not sure if the Pathfinders use the same sash as the Guides now or not. If anyone out there can help please reply to this comment.

  2. Hi Lee Ann,
    I have the first guide handbook by Agnes Baden-Powell. Would you be interested in a photo of it for your display of books? If you send me your email, I will scan it and send it to you.
    Lynn H

    1. Hi Lynn, the books shown are of my personal collection. If I don't have the book then I didn't put any images of ones that I do not have. However, I would love to take you up on your kind offer and have a pic of the handbook. leeannfraser at hot mail dot com