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This page is made up of pages originally found on my website, "Lee Ann's Girl Guide Notebook".  Since that site is now DOWN {until further notice} I created new tabs on my Owl & Toadstool blog so that you can check out what was on that site. I will continue to add new content on a gradual basis.  This may take forever LOL or sooner than I think.  We shall see!!  But anyway... ENJOY!

 *If you require information on any of the listed items please email me.
Not all of my collection is shown.


 Guiding and Scouting books.

Arranged in no particular order. More crests to be added.


  1. Terry-Ann aka Night Owl 128 Calgary Brownies28 August 2016 at 12:39

    I started Brownies in Ontario in the early 60's. I did Brownies and 1 year of Guides. I came back to Guiding as a parent/leader. I remember some of these books in your collection. Some I still have. Thanks for sharing all the items and idea.

  2. Hi Terry-Ann...It is always nice to hear when a former Girl Guide returns as a leader. I'm glad that you and your daughter {s} are making memories together!

  3. When I was a guide (35 years ago) I belonged to the 'Badgers Club' which was how I swopped a large number of my badges. My fellow Zimbabwean guiders and my guides are impressed when not only do I still have my camp blanket from then, but I have started another blanket for all the extra badges I have received over the last 20 years.

    1. Wow! Beverly that is so nice that you still have your camp blanket and also that you became a Guider. It is fun to collect crests and badges! Thanks for your comment